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That is a flash game for people who love the specific sciences. And he knows how to count from the brain. Because within this flash game you have to solve mathematical equations. So let's look at the game display. You see a gorgeous chick in a sexy pose. On its background, jobs that are pop-up will emerge. As an example, you must solve job 10-5 =? To give the right response you must come in amounts from the computer keyboard. The timing for an reaction is constrained. If you gave the ideal response to the question - then the game goes to another level and you get a reward. In total, the game has 20 levels and this means that you can view 20 depraved pictures with beautiful and big-boobed manga porn nymphs.
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It is a calendar year 3050. After long wars man inhabitants has really decreased. So now men are similar to special tools to reproduce mankind only. Our hero is guy. He has awaken andnow he's prepared to fuck everything that moves. Assist him in this undertaking.
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This is full version of the game. A geeky man who tried to stand up for her from some criminal who tried to fuck her is rewarded by Power girl.
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