(+18) Into the Forest Ch.2

The action of this intriguing and exciting game starts on the beach. The main protagonist is resting and liking the sea view. Unexpectedly a nude female falls on him. Oh Gods. She has a damn ultra-cute ulbyka watermelons and a great bum. The dame calls you Cleris. But this is not you. Is this a desire? No, this is reality. You begin talking to a dame adadminately staring at her puffies. Suddenly is a howl along with a roar from the forest. A creature is coming. You have to do a thing to liquidate the creature and safeguard the girl. All things considered, you've got plans for it. So you hit on a monster on the head with garden contraptions. More and more, until the creature runs away. Now let's return to relationship. Figure the continuation of the story out.

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