Lola Adventure – Chapter 7

Lola isfinally at peace. Lola is happy with the world as it is. She isn't embarrassed or ashamed of her sexual abilities. She actually enjoys it. The demon who created her desire for things to be as they are. In fact, he sends her back to her village to confirm it. She returns to her village and discovers that people from all walks of the team are attracted to her. They make her feel like they are her, and she or he is content to satisfy their lust. She is confident and not weak. She returns back to the castle in order to check out Rose undergoing sexual coaching with the Demon. Lola is thrilled that Rose also has access to the same footage. Demon has become a friend to Lola following Rose. Then Lola is willing to submit and accepts his every thrust as a blessingrather than being cursed. Thus, each women live joyfully every single time in Daemon's castle. It's all good when it ends well.

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