The Black Tower Spirit

This quite smallish game includes pretty much 1 goal - to inroduce new character from the world of"The Legend of Lust". And because you have very likely been expetcing this personality is just one sexy looking chick who likes to get fucked by humungous demonic crimson knob in nonstop mode! And if that dinky is large enough to offer her a stomach bulge then what's supposed to be a torment or no less than a penalty for this fresh heroine turns right into never-ending joy! Simply click on available buttons you will see on the game screen so as to trigger different actions - from teasing and penetarting to chnaging the intensity of the landscape and setting up the wallpapers. And ofcourse do not forget to look at the major poject"The Legend of Lust" on our website if you're searching for a elaborate adults only venture!

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