Dream Job

Dream Job Season 2: Episode 7

Now is just one of those days once your wish occupation becomes way less"dreamy" then it used to be. Yes, today is teh day when your hotel is going thru the tax inspection and it looks like you are going to be the one who should do the negotiations. Why? Since this taxation oficer is hot woman and everybody in the hotel already knows that you're pretty good when it comes to dealing with girls... Attempt during dialog scenes to pick the phrases so you could not only stir forward through the story but also see hot erotic content - fairly a prize since in all erotic scenes you will see real models! But be careful on what you will say or do - it is quite possible to get an ending without any nude fun at all. Other episode sfrom this videoquest series you can always find on our website.

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Dream Job Season 2: Episode 8

Someone has stolen any clients credit cards. You'll need to figure out who. Actually it does not matter, your job would be to find out two quite sexy women nude :)

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