Touch and Tease Vol.1

According to the name of the game you are going to do a great deal of teasing and touching just keep noticed that you are going to act as a man who... well, who likes to play with different guys! So if homo content is not for you you can find a lot of other and more oriented games on our site. But if you don't mind to get some fresh practice or just to have some kinky funtime with dude from your office then you are going to enjoy this game for sure! To play this game you will need to use few tools and interact with your accomplice by clicking on some elements or drag them into certain directions. Your goal will be to pack up the pub of his sexual excitment that wil eventually make his big jizz-shotgun not only difficult but ejaculating!

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First of all this game is totally not safe for work. And it has clear faggot themes in it as well. So in case if you are not into this sort of stuff then do not play it! The concept of this game is really plain - all you want to do would be to jack your big digital trouser snake untill you'll spunk all over among men faces. By the way, you may choose the guy on whose face that you want to spunk in the very start. The masturbation process is made as button-mashing minigame. First you mash a necessary button and after that you get access into a different button which can allow you to stroke your digital beef whistle faster. So sooner or afterwards you will perform a facial cumshot cum shot! How fun it could be and are you going to want to try to do the same with the other men from main menu depends solely on your expectatin in this brief and plain anime porn game.

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