The utter title for this game is really"The Pussylight Saga: Gender Moon" so that you very likely already know what in demand story this sensual game will be a parody for. Only this time you'll grow to be the person who's dating sexy vampire chick and how will these straneg relationship will finish will be based on the decisions you make! But do not feel this game will be some kind of dating simulator for gloomy emo children. Quite opposite - in this game you will be attempting to amaze big-boobed rock-n-roll kind vampire chick and earn all possible for the first night with teh cemetary wouldn't be spend in vain. Besides visible pickup elements this game also includes some quest games components and thus don't turn off the brain downright! More amazing erotic parodies you can alway get on our website!

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Holio U – Dark Witch

There is new nymph in Holio University dorm! However, this time it is not some cheerleader or overseas pupil - this time it's dark witch ! Well, may be not witch but sexy looking goth woman who does not mind to add some shadow into associations. If this is the type of lady then knock itno her doorway already! The gameplay is pretty basic for the whole series (other vignettes with distinct nymph you may find on our site) - pick one of three pickup lines and if you are going to figure what girl wants or desires her interest in you will get larger up. She might even let you into her area where you can play with few quest-like minigames and needless to say have really hot fuck-fest with her! And a little suggestion for you: pretend to be the guy who likes magic and metal music should you intending to become within her black underpants .

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