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Cannibal roulette

This game is something which will examine your luck! Because no other game skills will help you then making a choice that is ideal! And you may consider yourself lucky if you happen to pick a woman who is not only going to give you a blow-job but in addition will not be an adept of cannibal tribe... Therefore that the game idea is ordinary - you can pick 1 lady of six to suck your trouser snake. Five of these will do the task whilst only one is going to be far too hungry for such matters as oral sex. Attempt to guess which ones can bring you pleasure and not agony and should you chance to guess every one of them you may even get a chance to preform a jizz shot! No hints, no distinctive tacticks - just pure luck! Luck is the only thing which will specify a complete orgasm from a total misfortune! Now lets see how blessed you are...

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