guess the word

Strip hangman

In this flash game you need to work with your brain. You will be able to choose among a few chicks to play a brainy game. She's called the"Hanged Man" The principles of the game are extremely plain. You have to guess the word that is encrypted. To do this, you will need to enter letters from the computer keyboard. If the letter is in this universe, then the sugary-sweet gal will undress. If there is not any letter in the term the nymph commences to draw the gallows. Your mission is to guess the encrypted word before the youthful beauty draws the gallows with the little guy. You then will see how one of the nymphs shows you her big boobies and sweet round butt. If luck has revved its back on you personally and you could not guess the term, then the game will finish. So let's not waste time on items, but let's commence the game right now.

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