lucky patient

Lucky patient 02

It is evident that our fellow has really comprehended the significance of regular visits to medic and now simply can't wait for his next medical assessment procedure... which you as a player can begin anytime now! First your beloved physician and her assistant will check your eyes - do you see their tits nicely? Good! So now they could get to analyzing the sensibility of your lollipop... and because they have already let their giant boosb from their tigth uniform they will continue using them! And this is just the beginning of your today's tests. Some scene will be interactive and some even let you to chnag ethe view. And since your meatpipe stays hard even once they forced it to jizz once doctor and nurse might need to continue their evaluations to explain such a happening... or they just like to fuck with their favorite patient!

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Lucky patient 04

Lucky Patient 4, the medical sex game's closing fuck scene has now arrived. Fuck the nurse and the doctor on the table and on the floor. Fuck the girl doggystyle and come back on her before to launch the cumshot! On her face, you can choose where you need to cum: for every woman, on her breastson her pussy. This sex game arrives to the ending, so fuck and enjoy these women with large boobs!

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