Mai Shiranui

Fighting of Ecstasy

Just a small bit unusual game which is also made in silent unusual genre to get hentai parodies - now you're likely to get involved in abattle inbetween sexy chick called Mai (which you migth know from"King of Fighters" roster) and also seems-to-be-made-of-clay creature. And guess what? You'll be enjoying as this clay dude! Decide on the moves that you want to make use of a list you'll discover in the bottom part of game screen and then apply them to your rival in order to overcome her. Every time you will strike the target that your rival will respond hilarious or hot (or possibly) but in the event you're going to figure out how to win the battle you'll get some playtime with your prize... which will be huge-titted Mai obviously! It may take some time from one to comprehend the inner workings of the game but as soon as you do you'll win in no time and thus don't worry and great luck!

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