Wet shirt

Do you wish to make chick's t-shirt moist every time you see hot chick dressed in a t-shirt? You are going to enjoy this next game we've got for you. You'll be playing as a fellow with hosepipe pipe. And this isn't some joke - you truly will be operating a hosepipe pipe. The one that squirts water. That means you will sit in front of a stage on which hot women in tee-shirts will be running and hiding. Your objective is to make all o ftheir tee-shirts wet enough to determine that their mounds... and get some things ofcourse. Because what is a competition game sans making points? However, those points you will need only in the event you could send the link with this game to your pal so you could measure them, and he will get his very own outcomes. There are several beer glasses concerned but this portion of the game you will have to know yourself.

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