record of lodoss war

Deedlit Gangbang

Record of Lodoss War has a lot of chapters but only here you can find the missing one - the chapter of Deedlit and her collapse! It had been hard conflict and deedlit found herself encircled by enemies. Fighting them was not an option so to get herslef a while in hope for resque Deedlit determines to... fuck every one of these bastards! She puts to her mitts and knees letting two large dicks to get into her from the finishes! She seems pretty hot with her big bouncing titties and pulled down panties with 2 large cocks ramming her poon and her mouth at exactly the same time! After intense fucking she gets both of her fuckholes crammed with jism. But you'll find far more of enemies that she still needs to drain in the powers so the one thing she can do is repeat fucking them by pairs again and again!

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