strip game

Strip high dice

How about playing with dice. This is peculiarly nice if your opponent is a damn sexy and huge-chested female. You wish to understand what is hidden under her clothing. If it is, then let us embark playing. Look at the game screen. You need to make a wager. Following that, the stunt will fall on thetable. Notice how many points you scored. Whether there are far a lot of them than your competition you won the round. As soon as the nymph runs out of money, she put on a bet and will take some of her clothing off. You have to acquire the game to leave this gorgeous and big-boobed woman completely naked. Start playing.

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Dream Job Season 2: Episode 13

Sam left the resort. Your boss calls you and she's very upset by Sam's death. You must get a replacement that is great . This is the ending of Dream Job New Generation series. If you can score a 100% there is a surprise for you!

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