School of Sex

Normal school day. The dude is called by the school principal into the office. His name is Isaac. Therefore it ends up this dude is very aggressive in the direction of classmates. This issue has to be solved. Isaac goes with thoughts to class. According to him, he matches three lovely women who laugh . They thrust him Isaac falls to the ground. He is sobbing. Suddenly the door of the janitor opens and a stranger invites the boy to enter. There the stranger provides a book of spells to Isaac. Now it's time for vengeance. Isaac needed to learn spells to utilize them in the struggle against people that offended him. And also he will be able to manage the chicks in order to perform rough and nasty sex with them. .

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Professor Archer

Darlene work for a professor in the university that is famous and big. She is attracted to some school soccer team player. Your job is to clickthe colored buttons in the ideal sequence to open new animations and allow football players to fuck professor Archer.

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