Treasure Pleasure

For hot pirate red-haired chick there is no better treasure than true pleasure! Probably that is why she celebrates getting this new treasure map with intercourse with one of her team members. Which happened to be you by the way! So today you have alimited time to please your captain if you planning to get your slice of treasure when she will find it. For that you will need to grope and tease her twat or may be her butthole if you want, fuck her cooch or her butt on few levels of strength and all this to bring he rpleasure level to the maximum level. You have some time and if you're going to excite her sufficient left she will let you to jizz in and on her! And everything about the treasure? Can be she will get some free-for-all from fucking time for searching it in a next game.

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This really can be a game on cowgirls. Andnot those plucky ladies who can handle a dozen of real bulls - in thise game cowgirls are very huge-boobed ladies who needs to be milked and fucked inbetween their fun bags and milked on. There won't bea story - right from the commence you will have a slim nymph with immense tits and a set of different act that you can perform on them. There will be few customization options which will permit you to choose one of two sexy cowgirls, switch the background and even make their big melons a little bit fatter. Once the preparations are completed you can pick one of different playing options that will let you to spank and bounce and ofcourse milk those funbags for as long as you want. You then are able to activate another set of deeds which can let you to use large crimson rod...

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