Beauty and the Geek – Meet and Fuck

Beauty and the Geek - new game from pretty famous manga porn game studio"Games of want" in their collection"Meet and fuck". All these cheerleader captains are always a course up so large that only a magic book can allow you to get her into the couch. And you'll be enjoying as a bore which gets you (thanks to her bf prick by the way)! A genuine magic book that can transform hot blond huge-chested cheerleader into amore alluring woman. Or not a woman - there are a few mix that can turn her to a crazy hookup mad brute. And you can transform yourself to something else also! Complete around 42 combinations that works both alluring and fun ways! And what will you get for detecting them all is that really a sweet surprise! No more time to waste! Crazy magic transformations have never been so hot before!

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