MrPinku “Happiness is In The Field : Episode 2”

MrPinku is happy to present to most worshippers of jokey and hot games new vignette of"Happiness is In The Area". So if you enjoyed your former staying at this peacefull and colorific countryside then you have a supreme chance to cisit it time! From the way Episode two has it's onw title and it seems like"A wrench a cow and a huge mushroom". In terms of the gameplay it is still the same - once our hero will be helping everybody around and most likely even get something in comeback... other funny tales and pursuit elements ofcourse. Today's venture will begin with red-haired asking you find and to help Nana - sexy blonde chick which you might recall from the first-ever scene. However, where to commence the search you will need to determine yourself - this is a pursuit game after all.

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