Nanny’s Day 2: Confrontation

Nanny's wedding day is going to become the real party... but not for everyone obviously. For instance Theresa has her own motives and still attmpts on getting compromising photos of Nanny and it appears she's pretty close to success in her devilish plan thanks to the fact that Nanny has a specific stage about massage men... Can Theresa get exactly what she wants? Can she ruin Nanny's happyness? Will some of Nanny's gfs assist her and stop the tragedy from happening on the most important day of her life? The answers you will discover only in case you will play this game on your own! And if in the event you got stuck just try to type in the term"bride" in order to find a hint on what to do next (this function is functioning not anywhere or it would be to easy to complete the game).

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