Sex Paradise: Virtual Girlfriend Jenna

In this sequence of"Sex Paradise" that you will meet Jenna. This gorgeous smiley blonde chick was at the same high school as you you do not even require any reason to begin a date with her - all that you will need is to choose your very best buddy Mike and visit Jena's location for a friendly trip... which is obviously going to transform into intense threesome hump soiree quite shortly! But sicne this is suppsoed for a game there should be some challenge and it will be the pair of directions you will have to guess and type in in order to budge additional trough this"story" and to love all the fuck-fest scenes starting using striptease and blowjob and ending with assfucking hook-up and double invasion! And here are some tips for you: miniskirt, backside, blowjob, fellatio, vaginal, ass-fuck, rear end, dual.

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