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Crossing Cups is fairly popular game all over the globe so that you very likely have played it one way or the other. But do you played this game against ninja? And not some ususal ninja (usual ninja, haha) but chesty female ninja who's so sure inside her abilities that prepared to disrobe for you if if you will win? You may play such game at this time! The rules are pretty old-school though - from the begininng of each round the ball is covert under one of 3 cups and they all are being blended. Your job today is to follow the cup with the ball under it and guess where it ends up. If you will gues right then ninja doll will take one off of her clotehs or equipment components! But in the event you will guess wrong then she'll put something back so watch cautiously.
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So hello. This flash game with elements of a bang-out simulator. Your primary assignment is to construct the brothel on the island. To do this, you chose the money from your Yakuza syndicate. On the display you will see many elements that are necessary for work. You will have to keep order inside the brothel, carry out disinfection and also ship employees to get a medical exam. You will have to train your geisha. Each geisha has itsstrengths and flaws. You must take this into consideration when conducting your own work out. When the geisha is ready, she will commence to fuck with all the customers and make money. You need to manage the brothel so as to gain and become famous. Let's commence the game and do it at the moment.
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