Walking Beauty

This second game is really a pure arcade fun - you will end up controlling super-cute chick from self-walking underpants (!) While she will be running thru an hurdles path to find the prize. Your job is to get as many playboy bunny icons as possible. Just use arrow keys to budge around and thrust"A" plus"directly" to perform a lengthy jump maneuver. Of course there will be skull icons you ought to prevent and even a few hostile flying machines which will attempt to take our running babe! In that case attempt to work with"S" button to take back. Why is she determined to take part in such a angerous venture you may ask? So you could love hot erotic pictures of unwrapped models of course - each rabbit icon you'll get will unlock 1 block of this photo. Just keep your eyes in the passing race or else you won't see anything in any respect!

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