Amazon Island

If you consistently though that being a sailor would attract plenty of love in your own life then... well, then most likely you are correct. But according to this game besided romanc eit will aslo bring a terrible storm wthat will force your ship to crash leaving you as the foot survivor thrown out on the beach of some island. And this is when romance will be growing into unstoppable passion since this island actually belongs to an amazon tribe! Just don't forget that amazons are not very welcoming when it comes to dealing with fellows so attempt to do anything you can to not just get lost of hump but also to stay alive to enjoy it! Well drawn and animated erotic game with a smallbit of arcade style gameplay notes included to this format of this story.

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Thousand Days Later

When you've played this game as"Crusoe had it easy" (might be you could also find it on our site) and liked it then we have great news for you - that game titled"Thousand Days After" can lightly turn into it's sequel (even though it isn't official). If you reminisce the original story was about two cousins - male and female - who ended up in the center of the ocean on a island that is unhabitant. There were optiosn you had so most likely you had your own endings but it still keeps chasing main character. And after a thousand of days he has some sort of 2nd possibility but how he is going to utilize it is once again depends on player's choice because this game comprises nine (!) Different endings!

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