Malibu Lifeguard

Who is the toghest boy on the beach who can get any hot chick here? It si malibu lifeguard ofcourse! Well, at least in this game which you are about to playwith. You'll be playing as Liam. As it was already stated he's a lifeguard. But if you wanted to swim a little bit while there's absolutely no one to spare around then you indeed should not take action. The storm is coming and swimmng is firmly prohibited. Nevertheless looks like not everyone has heard the annopuncement and as usual somebody else is attempting to get in to water even when he is not likely to. At least this time it will be fit blond in lil swimsuit swimsuit therefore probably you'll receive your benefit if you will need to save her from the water. And also a tiny spoiler to you here - ofcourse you will have to save her and ofcourse you fanatic will get the prize.

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