Business Trip Adventure

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Get ready for a biz journey… no matter are you wanting this or not! But because this is a hentai game you know that thsi is going to be more fun than working… The day has begun just as usual until your boss has called you and said that you better have your things packe dalready because you’re the one who is going torepresent your company on the opposite side of the planet. May be you have some questions about this excursion but once you will see the picture of teh chick you are going to work with the questions will taken off by tehmselves. And if she is not yoru type you should know that she is not the only dame in this game you can have lovemaking with. Actually game unites few genres. It has a few from relationship simulators and some from books that are visual. You are going to need your pickup abilities to get to sexy minigames too.

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