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How about learning the story of a beautiful princess, trio heroes and one horrible money-lender? So in a single kingdom lives a beautiful and big-boobed princess. She had been abducted by an horrible and evil usurer. His title is Brahimus. He determined to kiss the princess and deprive her of purity. Having locked the princess in his mansion, Brahimus commences to rip off the clothes . And then makes the princess suck on his thick and elastic man rod. The princess can’t stand against, because she is a feeble girl. She sucks on a cock, and after a few minutes Brahimus commences to fuck the princess in her narrow assfucking slot. The princess screams in anguish as a fat meatpipe rips her guiltless caboose in half. But this is simply the beginning of the story. Find out what’s going to happen right.

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