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How about trying yourself as a member of a local gang of car thieves. You joined a gang to earn easy money, but it’s not really elementary. So first, look at the game display. You visit several interactive spots. Click on the map and you’ll find a map of the town with a few locations. To get commenced, head into the garage. You chat using a huge-titted gal whose name is Betty. Gangsters from the other team appear spawningly. Use gun and your mouse to kill them. Then go to get the task of transporting cash. Use your mouse to avoid crashing into other campers and delivering the package to your destination. Now you have access to a girl. Call her and she’ll visit your motel. Fuck this busty whore in her pink cunt and round backside. After that you go to couch. A new day isnew adventures and dangers. . Start the life of a hooligan at the moment.

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