Lola Adventure – Chapter 7

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Lola is at peace. Lola is content with the world as it is. She’s not insecure or ashamed of her high sexual power. She actually enjoys it. She is enthralled by the way they’re. In fact, he sends her back to her village to verify the truth. She returns to her village to find men from all walks of the team are drawn to her. They create likeness to her and can’t resist their lust. She feels robust and not weak. Rose is receiving sexual coaching with Demon. She is back at the castle. Lola is happy that Rose gets the same footage. Demon is now a friend to Lola again after Rose. Now Lola voluntarily submits, acceptive every swat as a blessing, not an affront. Each woman lives happily ever after in Daemon’s castle. All is well when it’s over.

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