Meet’N’Fuck: The Plumber

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The protagonist of this disgusting game is plumber. He works for a small but adequate company which provides services to a variety of cities. In the evening, our hero comes back from work, and stops in the process of visiting the client. She is gorgeous hot, sexy girl with huge breasts and a beautiful smile. Melissa is her nickname. Melissa is unable cook because her kitchen pipes are blocked. After how many hours the plumber does his job and clears the pipes. Melissa is extremely thankful to him. It’s time to pay the bills. The girl takes the dude by the hand and takes him to the bedroom. The girl then starts changing. Oh, my gods… she has a great figure. Melissa has fun with her balls and sucks a fat chicken within a couple of minutes. The plumber then kisses Melissa with his tight, pink pussy. Let’s start this adventure right now.

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