MrPinku: SpaceMorons Teas

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“SpaceMorons” is fresh partially jokey and partially sexy game from MrPinku where you’ll be solving three different puzzle scenes. Basically it’s similar to a pack of trhee minigames and also in ecah of them you will get into certain situation and the ability to perform few elementary deeds that will lead into another or one result for the scene. Sounds tricky yet once you’ll embark playing with it you will get how it functions. These inetractive puzzle scenes don’t arrive with any tales behind so you are entirely free-for-all to think something out carzy enough on your own as well as it’s not defined which order of deeds and which ending is supposed to be the perfect one – that is also your choice. More games from MrPinku you can discover on our site that you’re always welcomed to visit!

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