Quickie: Toshiko (Public)

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This interactive manga porn publication where you are going to learn about a beautiful gal, as well as try to know her lifetime. Toshiko is a very lovely, but a little creepy lady that you will inadvertently meet during a standard walk in town Park. Concentrate on what it is you are going to say or do at particular things in this story, and you might have a loyal friend or a supreme buddy of Toshiko’s… To your game, where you will spend most of your time reading dialogues between people and generating decisions depending on the way you want the story to continue, this will be rather helpful. Use the mouse to select the correct conversation choices and maybe it’s possible to entice the modest Toshiko. You need to be her nighttime lover in addition to her friend. So let’s not waste any moment and proceed to fulfill Toshiko at this time.

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