Quickie: Toshiko

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Always was interested in getting rapid hookup with finish stranger lady that you simply meet in the park? Well, this game can accomplish this for youpersonally! As it was said you will beging your match day by taking a stroll to the playground… where you will get a kitty! And when there is house cat then there is a cat owner. Who appears to be youthfull and very shy woman! And only when you thought you could get nearer to her it’s that the rain began! Well, you may use this in your well too! How? It is possible to walk her to her house under your umbrella and say that a few more complements to her… Sooner or afterwards you will receive your opportunity to fuck this cutie at her place! Game is made as visual novel with auto skipping options. Graphics are pretty good, there’ll be a moments where it is possible to choose the way the story goes and fuck-fest scenes are animated – that is fairly good visual book after all!

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