Redheads in the Dark

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The idea of this game works fine if you are planning to play it somewhere near Halloween night - just two redhead beauties got lost in some mysterious woods. You can choos eone of them to turn into the main hero of the story and see what will happen next. Game is made as a series of aniamted scenes (like the anime porn ones) together with dialogs. Besides that you can find some interactive objects in the scenes and activate themn to see what effect they will have. Sum of these effects will define what kind of end the story will ahve - teh good or not so much. Use"Tab" key to highlight these objects so you could not miss your chances on this creepy night to end with something good in the morning... Keep noticed that this game is made in thriller and almost horror genre so you should nopt play it if you are not ready to see some blood when stuff will go south.