Sex Puzzle: Kasumi Island

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A fantastic online puzzle game that features a full-bosomed, beautiful Kasumi as the main character. Imagine this scene: an island in the tropical sun, a warm sea with a golden sunset, and a gorgeous well-endowed woman Kasumi. She’s stunning. has a sexy look as well as a beautiful faceand large tits. However there are things that aren’t equally beautiful. there’s a group of autochthonous inhabitants on the island that do not seem to be averse to tasting Kasumi. Kasumi is taken by aborigines. What will happen in the next few days? The answer lies in a mini-puzzle game. you have got to assemble the full image from various elements. You’ll then advance to the next level. The game includes eight pieces of puzzles telling the story of Kasumi’s adventures as well as the aboriginals. Discover the full tale of Kasumi’s sexual adventures by solving all eight puzzles. Let’s get started now.

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