Sonika – Part 1

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This 1 portion of interactive 3D vid game will tell you an interesting story. Thus, the magical kingdom where the Queen of lives. After a lengthy time ago the Queen of Sonic fought with the monsters from the supreme war and overpowered them. But the evil has came back. So, the Queen of all Sonic stands at the forest and believes where to go. Should you wait for a little, a creature will leap from the bushes and rape Sonic in her tight beaver. This really is the end of the game. So visit the forest. Along the way, you are able to speak with a peasant and he provides you with the job to visit the castle. In route, the doll is going to probably be attacked by creatures. Kill them to prevent death and disgrace. When Sonika gets to the castle, then she’ll get the major pursuit, and you need to help the gal to accomplish it. On her manner there’ll be a good deal of adventures, hookup and monsters. Let us start the escapade.

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