Strip BlackJack with Brooke

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Busty blonde Brooke invited you to ease off a little after work. She teaches one to play unclothe blackjack. Naturally, you cannot reject such a jiggly attractiveness, which means you consent to the game. So you see Brooke. Then look at the playing cards and then place your wager. Brooke does the exact same and the game commences. Your aim in the game is to make Brooke totally naked. To do so, you need to score more things to the cards than Brooke. If you receive 21 points you’ll win this round. But be cautious. If you have more than 21 points, you lose. For every round which it is possible to acquire, Brooke will take off a number of his clothing and put on the line. Continue wins so that Brooke pieces completely. Following that, a surprise awaits you. So let’s commence de-robe blackges with jummy Brooke at this time.

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