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This game is a hentai parody about the superhero - Superman! At first you will think that he does his usual stuff by trying to save the woman from some villain but everything will gets in its places once you will see what kind of reward he will get from the woman afterwards. Since this is a game about superhero it means that you truly will have to work hard first before you will get the main prize. So how good you are at flying on high speed through the multiple meteors? Or fighting with aliens outside and inside the ship? And you will have to deal with athatthings if you want to get a blow-job from sexy chick! Overall this is going to be fun and titillating story about Superman with lots of activity and hookup scenes! Also starring Supergirl! very pink puss and a spherical booty. Superman goes to assist the woman. Currently you've got to assist him avoid asteroids. To do this, use the management buttons. As shortly as Superman flies through the asteroid field and gets on the ship, you would like to note and rescue the voluptuous lady. Let's begin the game currently.|Superman guards the streets of the city and battles evil. He is greatly admired by the inhabitants of the region. It's in the middle of the manual. The alarm sounds suddenly. Superman starts the alarm, and is able to see an alien being seduced by high-end command of a damaged ship. The untrained creature has a sex session with the girl repeatedly with her pink labia and spherical genitals. Superman is still helping the girl. You must help him stop the asteroids. Utilize the arrow buttons to complete this. Superman will fly through the field of asteroid and land on the ship. After saving you will see the girl. Superman helps the girl. It is your responsibility to aid him in avoiding the asteroids. Use the control buttons to achieve this. After Superman has flown through an asteroid field before he comes to rest on the ship, you will be required to find and save the lovely lady. Let's start.|Environment. The prompt future. Superman fights against evil while patrolling the city's streets. He is appreciated by the citizens. He is the center of power right now. A startling alarm is triggered. The alien spacecraft is approaching Earth. An animated message is sent to Superman. When he switches over on the television, he witnesses an alien creature rape a busty lady who takes place to be the ship's pilot. This environment-friendly monster repeatedly fucks a lady with a round ass and also pink pussy. Superman travels to the lady's aid. You must now aid him in staying clear of asteroids. Make use of the control buttons to complete this. You have to locate and also save the busty lady as quickly as Superman flies via an asteroid field and also boards the ship.|Superhero always get the best lady? Well, yes! Before this will happen he will haveto fly via the room, retreat bunches of flying meteors and also defeat the negative guy and also all that is to to put the correct impact! And also who else can highlight the reuqired set of skills to complete all these steps apart from Superman? Or more specifically - are you all set to come to be Superman and also fuck the hottie?|The journeys of Superman consist of two things - defeating the crook and saving the hot girl ... and thanks to our parody minigame you are going to take fairly active part in both events! Initial things first - before you can kick the negative guy's ass and to get the hot girl's ass you will need to get via the meteor field which can injure even Superman if he wont be mindful enough.}