Virtual Date with Jen

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Let’s meet a huge-boobed woman whose name is Jen. She went on a date. To get Jen’s attention, you must give her presents, smooch her and behave charmingly. Would you really get it? Let us check. Therefore the game embarks. Jen is currently sitting on the bed. She’s dressed in a miniskirt and a half-shirt. Use your arms to start touching Jen that is hot. Adhere to the index at the bottom of the screen. He should move toward joy, not disgust. When Jen ease off a bit, use your lips to smooch . Take off her microskirt and slurp her cunt. And then embark twisting Jen pink and pretty nips. After that, the chick agrees to provide you a fellatio. Do you need to learn what’s going to happen next? Let’s start playing this interactive 3D flash game right now.

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