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What happens when two toon univers and one videogame universe will collide in one game? It will be a hentai parody with your dearest characters! Well, at least in this game. So if you happened to be admirer of"Winx Club" or just like promiscuous clad redheads who is looking for some adventures on her ultra-cute butt then you might be glad to know that the main hero of the game will be non other than Bloom! You will help her to avoid all teh dangers and as aplayer will take her under you contorl. But where she will go? This is something you will supposed to choose in the beginning of the game - want you to view Bloom visiting the spooky halloween planet of Scooby Doo or visit with one of the Mushroom worlds that are the domain of Mario ? But no matter which you will choose you will be rewarded with iot manga porn scenes (if you will be succesfull in aracde part of the game ofcourse)!