Yadomaru’s Urge

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Lisa Yadomaru looks amazing for any anime devotee and not only for the worshippers of”Bleach” show which you may chekc for yourself already in the main menu in which this hot brunette showcasing off her sweet kinks presenting in swimsuit swimsuit on the beach side. By the way the beach is her favourite place to have lovemaking but to see the rest you will have to play this minigame that will not only check reflexes and your time but also will let you to witness special jizz shot scene as prize. The task is simple (unless you will select the highest difficulty level ofcourse) and all that you will need to do is to click on the game screen in time once the electricity meter reaches green zone that will supply you with the most of pleasure from each budge you’ll earn inwards Yadomaru’s taut an dclean shaven honeypot!

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