Amazon Island 2

A youthful milky dude ended up on the island with the Amazons. He had been captured by two femmes and carried to the village. Mm . . The dude is considering the femmes. Wow . . They have rounded bottoms and big watermelons. Their figures give the dude a erection. So the femmes brought the dude into the villages. An tribe of Amazons gathered there, headed by the Queen of the Amazons. This is a big-titted lady with large tits. Your fate is being determined. Will you be in a position to show that you're helpful to this tribe or will they make soup out of you? It will be based on your actions. First, take the gems. Then embark hitting on the chain with a stone. Pay attention. In the event the Queen sees you try to split the chain, then the game will be over. Use your mouse to interact with the game catches sight of. If you are able to break away, maybe you will sustain and also help the Amazon tribe, then since you have a good heart. So let's begin the game.

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