The Sex Tape 4: the Outcome

The controversy surrounding the appearance of a scandalous sex tape ‘starring’ one of the local celebrities is getting to it’s conclusion. Terry remains your job as reporter. Your mission is to determine who produced the tape and determine if it’s a fake that has been well-crafted. The other issue is that the time you have to solve the mystery is very limited, otherwise you’ll never get the promised money prize… but do you actually care for money when there are so many hotties around you? This is crucial because you will be bringing together the most attractive women to assist you in making the ultimate decision on who is guilty and who’s responsible. This story may contain innocents. Play now »

Escape from Sex-Island

A delicious woman was flying a plane once a disaster happened and the airplane crashed on a island. Mmm. It turns out that the island lives a tribe of sex cannibals. They hunt milky nymphs to fuck them then cook soup. You have to assist the doll escape from the island romp. Use the arrow buttons to budge on the staircase. Locate a weapon and pick up an amulet from his bod. You will open the door into the cave into them. There you will see another quest item. Ultimately, you have to run away from the island and remain alive. Are you ready to go on a dangerous fuck-fest escapade on a wild island? Then it’s time to commence the game right now. Play now »

The Ghost of Halloween

A depressing story happened in the city. The blonde crushed him to death and did not find the passerby. Ridiculous passing. The deceased’s ghost remained on Earth to punish the stupid blonde. He well-prepped for quite a lengthy time. This was Halloween. A ghost shows up at the blonde’s mansion. Then he enters the mansion and in the room of the 2nd floor that the ghost discovers a dumb blonde. It’s time for vengeance. So you have to look around the mansion to obtain some quest items. Begin your search in kitchen, the bedroom and additional bedrooms, andfrom the basement. Once you discover all things return to the room with the blonde. And commence fucking her with a baseball bat in a tight vagina. Connect her palms and gag it. Since she’s to blame for the own departure rape the blonde. Do it at the moment. Play now »