D.Q. Fight

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In this flash game you’ll have an opportunity to join the conflict with one and the heroines of Dragon Quest. Thus, choose one of these 5 available girls: Minea, Bianca, mania, Jessica or Alena. Fight with with your skills and your own abilities. Prepare if they are overcome by you. Select your abilities and your skills before each battle. Based on the selection, the complexity of the game will increase. Choose three monsters with which the damsel will struggle. As well as defensive and offensive abilities. So the primary objective of the game is to assist the female kill the monsters. You’ll kill them, Should you behave properly. But if the monsters prevail, then they’ll rape a huge-titted dame. Or maybe you wish to see nothing but that? Whatever the situation, the choice of things to do from the game will be yours. If you are prepared to battle monsters, then commence playing at the moment.

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