Strip Poker with Lauren

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Meet Lauren. This sexy brown-haired chick loves to undress and play with poker… and of course unwrap poker is her fave game! Wanna join her tonight? Game uses real movie sequences manufactured in first person point of view. Probably there is no need to remind one that the rules – they’re fairly common for all these types of games and utilizes a poker card game principles as basis. Without bluffing maybe but with increasing bets, switching cards, making moves. All you want to do is to try to win as much currency from Lauren as you can. She’ll attempt to distact you with some brief erotic moves throughout the game except to find th actual striptease scenes you will have to unlock them using the money you win. As an instance, very first bonus will be avaialable for 60 ingame bucks (and you’ll be able to go into theres keep quiet and don’t leave behind about card playing with part of this sport).

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