Gypsy boobs

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The story of Pedro teh Gypsy proceeds as he gets new customers for his specific services. Today he has fresh customer – woman. Tina has problems with her beau lately – he is ready to dump her only because he believes that her boosb are not big enough! Is there a way to help her in this circumstance? Well, let’s ask Pedro… Everything that you will need to do is to select an dimensions and Pedro will create some of their magic tricks. But even though you can choose from four different options it is clear that the right choice is one – to make Tina’s knockers as big as only possible! And after the”selection” was created Tina gets what she wished… well, more or less. Tina can now attempt to comeback her beau but will she need his lil’ prick now when she has phat boobs? See yourself in this short but funny story about large tits, diminutive penises and magical!

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