School of painting

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This is Really a story about Adam. Adam is the artistic school student who is going to explore the most exciting part of his course today – the drawing from the truebody! Ofcourse being a true artist he tries to concentrate on his painting at first-ever but after staring at hot nude black-haired for few hours ultimately gives him what he well-deserved – a major boner that he won’t have the ability to conceal! Fortunately for him Kristy (that’ the name of the model by the way) knwos just what to do in these instances so that she onlygets on her knees and assists Adam to get rid of the strain with a handjob therefore he can keep working around the picture. But will it be enough for youthfull and sensitive Adam or can our version need to use a few other tricks to assist him? You will see this out only in case you will play the game by yourself!

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