Lucky patient 02

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Laetitia 2

Continuation of the story about a dumb, but damn sexy gal who refused help. I remind you that her van penniless down and that I rudely sent the dude . Dude formulated revenge. He also took a buddy and they stunned the gal. Then they stripped her. The woman is totally naked. Now is the time for bondage & discipline torture. The dude will hammer the woman with wires along with her pussy and tits leaving bloodstained marks on her bod. Duvushka screams in anguish, but this is just the beginning of the execution. Is a hammer that uchak fucks pink cooch. The woman is ready to sink into a faint from the anguish, however, the dude proceeds to tease her. He definitely supplies this joy. If you prefer games where you need to torture ladies, you then are going to like this game. Let’s begin playing. Play now »