Sim Brothel

The name of the games game doesn’t lie to you and it is actually a brothel’s economic simulator. So if you always wante dto run something lik eit without any real risks then you should try this game. Ofcourse the primary idea is simple – get enough currency ot upgrade your bothel so it could bring even mor emoney. And you will be eraning your currency with the help of several dolls most of which you will recognize as ladies from differnet anime and videogames. So yeah, it is possible to add”anime porn parody” into the genre listingas well. There ill be a lot of information that you will need to pay attention to if you ar planning to bring your mansion to success so don’t expect an effortless walk – in this game you indeed will have to plan the progress and deal with problems. If you loved the genre but not this exact game then don’t forget to check our website – this is not the brothel manager game we’ve got! Play now »