Dungeon Sex Slave Level 1

The first-ever portion of the venture video game. Hence the protagonist finds herself in a dark and chilly labyrinth total of critters, dead concludes, and hideous creatures. There are mirrors hanging on the walls. In the semi-darkness that you find the outlines of a lady figure. Beautiful big breasts, beautiful face… that are you. How can you get here? How do you find your way from this huge maze? Use the arrow buttons to move through the maze. On occasion you will meet other nymphs. They’re pregnant and surrounded by some strange slime. What the hell is going on here? The sole gate was locked. You want to discover the key. Suddenly you hear heavy breathing behind you. You turn around and see a humungous green monster with a big dick looking at you lecherously. He wants to either kill you or aggressively rape you. Let us try to locate a means to independence. Play now »