K-ON! Kisekai Undress

A lot of girls from popular anime show”K-On!” Are ready to become your playdolls today so you could dress them up in dozens of combinations and differnet costumes to undress them! Overall there will be eight uber-cute damsels and each of them will have dozens of different setting for thier clothes and even facial cumshot expressions so you can spend a lot of time on creating the perfect scene! Besides personal setting there will be some devices for the entire scene which will let you to switch the background or select a specific type of costumes or uniforms for the entire group which you will be able to customize afterward. Fully clothed, partly dressed or entirely nude – these sweet ladies are ready to pose in any way you will want them to! Play now »

Aizen fucks Yadomaru

For all the anime in ordinary and”Bleach” serie sin particular fans one of you Lisa Yadomaru is vizard and former lieutenant of the 8th division… while for everyone else she is one hot looking brunette with nice forms who doesnt mind to pay off her day at the beach by getting fucked! And this second facet of her character is what you are about to explore within this simple yet fun anime porn parody minigame. The major challenge is to grab the moment and to click your mouse button to be able to receive as much enjoyment poinst as you can in 1 go as you will have to reach maximum level of enjoyment before the time limitation will come to an end in order to win this game and love special pop-shot animation as prize. And after you will do that you are welcomed to go to our site for more”Bleach” themed anime porn parodies! Play now »